Buy Jungle Boys SFV x TK Online


SFV x TK Jungle Boys Strains

Stats: 25.32% THC – .06% CBD

Aroma: No surprises here, Pine-Sol, Kush (yes, this is a flavor), Skunk.

Flavor: Pine Needles, Citrus, Sour, lil’ bit o’ earth.

Feeling: Heavy Eyelids, Couch Lock, Relaxed, Sleepy.



The general price of Jungle boys

-1 pack of 7g=$75

-2 packs of 7g=$150

-4 packs of 7g= $ 300

-4 packs of 7g =$375

-6 packs of 7g=$450

-10 packs of 7g = $700

-20 acks of 7g = $1000