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Glitter Glue Jungle Boys

Glitter Glue Jungle Boys takes Gorilla Glue to the next level by crossing it with The Pink resulting in a very potent crystally madness. The tasting notes vary as i was able to try both #3 and #46. #3 was more pink dominant tasting sweeter while #46 was more glue dominant tasting more like the gassy gorilla goodness I grew up on. I took a lot of naps and got a lot of munchies trying to review Glitter Glue. The things I do for my readers… don’t let the low THC% fool you. This is strong cannabis.

I recommend only smoking this strain at Night.

80% Indica  and 20% Sativa

THC = 23.37 %

CBD =0,01%

Total Cannabinoids= 24.51%


The general price of Jungle boys

-1 pack of 7g=$75

-2 packs of 7g=$150

-4 packs of 7g= $ 300

-4 packs of 7g =$375

-6 packs of 7g=$450

-10 packs of 7g = $700

-20 acks of 7g = $1000